CerealSold Out

Cereal Box

A tiger mascot represents this cereal. Why not represent yourself to get it.

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IpodSold Out


Play thousands of songs. But first, get playful to pay for this item.

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RiceSold Out

One kilo rice

We all need food to survive. Here you can purchase this staple product with the gift of yourself. Go ahead!

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FootballSold Out


Life is a game, but you don’t always have to follow the rules. Break them to buy this item.

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SocksSold Out

Pair of socks

A pair of warm feet-huggers you can have for a long stretch of your imagination.

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CrayonsSold Out


Get super colorful to own these tools of budding artistic endeavour.

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Christmas ballSold Out

Christmas Ball

Here’s a chance to top off your Christmas experience. An ornament for the price of celebrating yourself.

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SunglassesSold Out


Cool shades. Own these by opening up to us.

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GlovesSold Out


Put your finger to your head and think of how you’d like to pay for these woolen wonders.

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Sneaker jordanSold Out


This shoe usually goes for top dollar, but for you, the gift of yourself is enough. Be like Mike by just being amazingly you.

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BeansSold Out

Can of Beans

Hungry for beans? We’re hungry for your personal worth.

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Video gameSold Out

Video Game

Make up a value for this amazingly intangible experience.

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TamagotchiSold Out


A virtual pet for virtually anything. Show us what you got!

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Sneaker nikeSold Out


Own these awesome kicks, by giving us a kick. Just do it.

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Gummy bearsSold Out

Gummy Bears

Think outside the gummy bear, people and these treats can be all yours.

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